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Our sunglass chains are inspired by the god of the sun, Tu kauyé, the supreme masculine deity and divine source of the holy trinity of Peyote, Deer and Corn. He is the son of Tatewari, Grandfather Fire, and controls the universe together with the female rain and corn goddesses. According to legend, the sun was born in the cave of Te´akata when a child was thrown into fire.

Just after birth, the sun went on an underground journey to the desert of Wirikuta, the land of peyote, where he would rise for the first time. At Wirikuta,some children were playing  while waiting for the sun to appear. At the first glow, those that were afraid were turned into snakes and lizards, while those that were happy turned into birds singing Tau Tau Tau. That´s why sun in Wirárika is pronounced Tau.

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