I’m Paulina Ruiz, a young Mexican designer who, after studying business, decided to follow my passion for the arts by launching ERENO. I love music and dance, design and photography, and meeting people. I LOVE having deep conversations, especially with someone I have just met. 

I started ERENO from a need to explore my creativity and a desire to make a business out of my passions, a business that would allow me to continue travelling, dancing, and meeting the most interesting people. 

I also wanted to create something unique & authentic for the curious global souls out there, who, just like me, like to be seen and heard wherever they go, who know that different is interesting, and self-confidence, sexy. 

When it comes to authenticity, there´s no group more authentic than Huicholes. ERENO has become a vehicle for sharing the stories of these fascinating people with the world. 

I want ERENO to be your partner. Hopefully our pieces will give you the confidence, power & authenticity you seek, while exploring and living your dreams.

Be fearlessly authentic and powerfully confident. Be ERENO.