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 In the world of Huichol equivalences, the gods maintain man and man maintains the gods. Religious art has the magical function of fostering this exchange of energies between the macrocosm and the microcosm. - Juan Negrin

Our  tops are a full outfit if you want them to be. They’re not your typical outfit, though. They cover more than a necklace but less than a crop top. Sometimes they barely cover. 

Each piece requires more than 60 hours of attention to detail by our masters of color, the artisans. They are inspired by the main gods of the Huichol culture:

Tatewarí, the god of fire, also called Grandfather Fire.  The Huicholes consider fire to be a valuable gift from the gods, enabling their vision and purifying their souls. When they discuss serious things, when they need to make important decisions, they do it around fire.  

 Father Sun, Tu kauyé, is the supreme masculine deity and the divine source of all life. The holy trinity of Peyote, Deer, and Corn descend from Father Sun. Our red, orange and yellow pieces represent both Father Sun and Grandfather Fire.

The spirit guide Kauyumari, or elder brother, manifests itself as a blue deer.  Spokesman of the gods, teacher of the shamans, and creator of peyote, Kauyumari is the main intermediary between the macro and micro cosmos. It's the inspiration for all of our tops in shades of blue or with deer in the embroidery.

Tatei Niwetzica, or Corn Mother, sustains the Huichol people both physically and spiritually.  She drives all aspects of their spiritual tradition, including ceremonies to balance rain and sun, quests for shamanic powers and peyote rituals.  There are five colors of corn: blue, wihite, yellow, purple and multicolor. 

Tatei Yurienaka ,or Mother Earth, is represented by our green tops. Responsible for the fertility of the land, she taught the first Huicholes that inhabited the world how to sow corn and prepare la milpa.

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